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Job Hunting Tips For Teens: Aim For Something More Than Being A Shop Assistant

by Jerome Rome July 27 2017, 19:33

There are many hardworking teenagers who would like to earn money and help out the family budget. Unfortunately, when they start their job search they frequently find that the only jobs available to them are paper routes and retail jobs.

When teens graduate from high school they usually begin the search for their first job. Many teens aren’t successful -- it can be a rough search. Thankfully, there are several job hunting tips for teens that can help them find a job that is a good learning opportunity, can lead to future opportunities, and pays well.

The first job hunting tip for teens is to find a job that pays a fair wage. Teens can’t expect to be paid more than they are worth but they also shouldn’t agree to work for unscrupulous employers who don’t pay a fair wage. If they do their best and work hard they will soon be earning even more.

Another job hunting tip for teenagers is to not sign up for a job with an online employer who hires young workers without even interviewing them. It is much better to search for local jobs where you can meet the employer face-to-face. There are some jobs, such as completing online surveys, which are legitimate online opportunities but these are rare and teens should research them carefully to make sure they are not scams (as with any online opportunity teens should never give out personal information over the internet).

Some teens would like to find a job straight out of high school which will start them on their career path. There are job hunting tips for teens who would like to do this. First, teens need to realize that the job market is competitive and no one is going to just give them a job. Teens should start right away to improve their skills in the type of job they are seeking.

They should also create a cover letter and and use resume editor to check quality. Even though teens graduating from high school may not have significant experience they will be able to list volunteer experience, club involvement, and extracurricular activities they were involved with in high school on their resume.

The best job hunting tip for teens is to create a good cover letter -- a cover letter gives them a chance to introduce themselves to potential employers and highlight their skills and interest in the job. The cover letter should be brief and articulate and free of any grammar and spelling errors.

The next job hunting tip for teens is to send a thank you letter to the hiring manager after they have interviewed. Sending a thank you letter shows that the teen is considerate, thoughtful, and on-the-ball. It also shows their good manners and ability to complete a task. It is a great way to stand out from other applicants.

The internet is a great way to search for jobs -- many companies only list their job openings on their website. Teens can look at the websites of specific companies they are interested in or they can do a general search for local jobs. Many jobs allow applicants to fill out and submit an application online.


Another great job hunting tip for teens is to send a letter to reject any jobs which they would not like to accept. Sending a letter that rejects the offer is better than not responding it all. In some cases the employer will extend a better offer. If not, at least the applicant has shown their professionalism and kept the possibility of future employment with the company open.

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