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Becoming A Writer Made Easy

by Jerome Rome April 11 2017, 16:49

Seven Tips To Becoming A Better Writer

Whether you’re writing as a hobby or you’re interested in turning your writing into a profession, it’s important to take steps to improve your writing. It will take time and won’t always be easy, but you can become a great writer if you make the effort. Find out what you can do to improve your skills with these seven tips.

Take time to write, every single day.

As with most skills, practice makes perfect when it comes to writing. For some, this might mean working on a short story for thirty minutes each day. For others, it could mean committing to writing one page per day. Figure out what works best for you, your time limits, and your writing style. If you find that you get stuck during your writing project, switch subjects and work on something else for a while. Put technical writing aside and jot down a page in a personal journal.

Read, a lot.

Wondering how to become an author? Start by becoming a reader.  Take the time to pick up a good (or a not so good) book. Read articles. Read blogs. Everything that you read can be helpful to you, as a writer. Some pieces will give you inspiration. Others will provide an example of what not to do. Read modern fiction and remember to go back to the classics. The more you read, the more you’ll learn.

Eliminate distractions

Take your writing seriously. When you sit down to write, focus on the page in front of you. If you’re working on a computer, choose a simple word processing program and make it take up the full screen to avoid logging on to social media sites and checking your email over and over. Put your cell phone on silent. Work in a clutter free area. Eliminate anything that’s going to take away from your writing time then get to work.

Find your style

There are many great writers in the world. You can read their books, articles, short stories, and poems. You can read their biographies and learn all of the details of their lives. However, in the end, you’ll need to create your own writing style and tone to be the most effective writer you can be. Discover your writing style by jotting down personal stories. Finding your voice means taking a step toward becoming a writer.

Get published

This step may be easier than you think. Getting published doesn’t have to mean that you’re writing the next great novel and jumping to the top of the bestseller list. Start small. Write a freelance piece for a copywriting business. Look for magazines that accept freelance pieces for their articles. If you prefer writing short stories, try self-publishing an eBook on Amazon. Get your writing out into the world. Making money from your writing will help you feel more legitimate and any positive feedback you receive can serve as encouragement in your pursuit of becoming a writer.

Be prepared for criticism

When people discuss how to how to become an author, they often focus on the positives: writing an editing a great piece, getting published, and becoming successful. However, it’s important to also be ready for the criticism that comes with putting your work out there for others to read. Don’t be afraid of what people think when they read you’re writing. Not everyone will love every word you write and that’s okay. You have three choices when it comes to negative comments.

Respond with an equally negative comment, potentially starting an argument that will be draining and destructive.

Use the feedback to improve your writing.

If the comment was intended to be malicious, take it for what it is: one person taking their bad attitude out on you. Move on and keep doing what you do.

Trust yourself and your abilities

The question isn’t just about how to be a writer, but rather how to become a good writer whose work people really follow and enjoy. The simple answer is to love what you do. Have confidence in your ability to write something that people will want to read. Send your work to publications you love to read. Write a blog.

Every person has a story worth sharing and becoming a writer will give you the change to share your story with the world.


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